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A brand new vehicle represents a large investment. The tiniest scratch or dent can drastically reduce the value of that investment. And unless great care is taken, it's very easy to create a scratch or dent when moving a shiny new vehicle from one showroom to another or taking it to a trade show location. Our Fleet customers are very important to us and they get red-carpet treatment.

Although we may have built our business with roadside assistance, the area in which our business has grown most rapidly and in which we truly excel in Fleet towing. More and more companies are turning to Exclusive Towing Services when they need a vehicle moved or towed. Whether you have 3 vehicles or 300, we are very aware that every time you have a vehicle off the road, that vehicle is not contributing to your business. That's why we do our best to ensure that your vehicles back on the road n the shortest possible time.

Fleet Services

Need Help Maintaining your Fleet of Vehicles? We have many option and service plans available to save you time and money! Get VIP service for your business and ensure quick response to any of your stranded drivers and/or vehicles.

Flatbed Towing Service

We offer the best in flatbed towing and roadside service. We provide local and long-distant towing for cars, light trucks, and small utility trucks. Our tow trucks are equipped with toolboxes, which allow us to tow all-wheel drive vehicles as well as exotic and sports cars.

There are many reasons for vehicles to be towed on a flatbed. On some vehicles, manufacturers specify their vehicles may only be safely towed on a flatbed truck. After all, just as not all cars are made the same way, not all cars are towed the same way.

Commercial Services

We are one of the leading commercial towing services in Western Sydney, and we are standing by for all business towing needs anytime of the day or night, seven days a week. If you need a commercial vehicle towed, or an unauthorised vehicle removed from your premises, give us a call and our fast and courteous operators will do the rest.

Car Dealership Towing

Let Exclusive Towing meet your vehicle transportation needs, with the quality of customer service you would expect from your own staff. We can provide Dealership transfers, End of lease collection, and Customer delivery of newly purchased vehicles.

Equipment Moving

Besides vehicles, we specialise in transporting a large variety of equipment and freight from forklifts, tractors, farm equipment and much more. If you have something to move and not sure who to turn to, give us a call. We are fully insured and qualified for your next move.

Custom and Show Cars

At Exclusive Towing, we love custom and show cars. We have a great deal of experience with towing lowered and modified cars and trucks. No Towing company will take better care of your baby than we will!

Repossession & Recovery Services

If you have collateral that needs to be recovered, we can help you! Be it a private party repossession, dealership repossession or lender repossession, Exclusive Towing can take care of all of your repossession service needs.

We look forward to serving you. Rest assured your vehicle and it's contents are completely insured while being towed by us.

Mercy Ngan-Woo

Hume Highway to Campbelltown. Great Service. Prompt, Friendly & Reliable. Would highly recommend to others.

Judith Taboada

Answered the promptly. Was willing to assist as I needed to be towed from picton rd and hume hwy junction on my way up from Wollongong. Told me it would take an hour. And he arrived on time and found my car without difficulty. Paid cash after drop off. Was very professional, cared about my partner and I's safety first. Better then Campbelltown Towing Service. They had me waiting 20 mins and couldn't confirm a tow truck was on it's way. Thankyou.

Tom Alise

Hey if u need a tow in Narellan or Camden you cant go past these guys, fast , professional and affordable Thanks.

Google Reviews

Just a short note to thank Grant for the help he gave my wife when our car broke down, I would highly recommend this company.

Google Reviews

Broke down yesterday in narellan that 32' heat,was'nt nice,rang exclusive towing for there help,thay were wonderful and very helpful and towed me to my repairer.

Google Reviews

Jump aboard these guys if you need a tow truck,top service and they gave me a complimentary T-Shirt ,top stuff ,thanks exclusive towing in narellan.

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